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Foreword by Geoff Merrigan
Managing Director

Tellurium Q® is often asked what do we do that makes our cables perform so well? The simple and unsatisfying answer is that we do a lot of little things together that mount up to be very important in terms of the final performance. People assume that to get the best performance the “fastest” conductor – pure silver of something even better has to be used. Which is also one of the reasons for the pointless chasing of nines as I call it i.e. copper to 99.9999999% purity as if that is the single most important factor for a cable!

Surprisingly, to get a more “natural” sound, it is not just about merely conduction. This is the reason, any conductor from any cable manufacturer on this planet will act as an electronic filter and by that I mean that the various frequencies relative to one another get shifted with each material they pass through and are also affected by insulators, geometries, shielding etc.. The interesting thing is that materials affect ranges of frequencies in dissimilar amounts. It really is a finely tuned balancing act.

This is the model that we use, a way of thinking about cable development. In a Bell labs report from way back in 1930 they found that transient phase distortion affected the “naturalness” of voices. Of course there are many things that contribute to the fact that Statement cables are winning so many awards and firsts. But this “naturalness” is one of the prime factors that we listen for in the final production ready cable.

This testing process is more iterative than people would imagine. Even down to the solder that we use. Not standard by any means for the audio industry and we have tried numerous mixes and diverse percentages of silver in the solder but at the end of our testing and development we find we have a solder with no silver whatsoever (no lead either).

The connectors may look relatively ordinary but have multiple layers of plating and not always the material you would expect. There is even more detail and precision within the plating process itself, because we specify the thickness of the plating and what has to be in the plating bath and what should not be.

These are just a couple of tiny details that make up just one small part of one cable. The detail, precision and care is the same for the rest of the products. And each little step needs a controlled listening and testing against other options which is immensely time consuming but hopefully the results speak for themselves.

From what we have learnt, especially in the last few years, we have been able to bring you the Statement cables. They are the Tellurium Q® Statement of the performance that we think is currently possible.

We hope that you enjoy your system more with your Statement cables.

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Paul Rigby Golden Groovy

Mono&Stereo Editors Choice Award

Mono&Stereo Uber Award

TONE Publisher's Choice

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Speaker Cable

As with all our cable series developments, the speaker cable is the cable we develop first. The Silver Diamond cables were something of a surprise to those that heard them and we were even surprised at exactly what they could do. So deciding to try to better them was no small undertaking. While reviewers were incredibly impressed with the Silver Diamonds we wondered if there was anything else we could bring to the performance to improve on them. What we ended up doing is starting from the ground up again, looking at each step in more minute detail and tweaking each and every iteration to optimise performance and optimise we did.

The Statement speaker cable not only surpassed the Silver Diamond but did so spectacularly, once again blowing our expectations clean out of the water. As you can clearly see from the reviews below where reviewers had previously experienced the Silver Diamonds then came face to face with the Statements.

What you have with the new Statements is a reviewer’s nightmare, how to describe them without repeating words that will be mistaken for something that you may have heard before.

“Well they certainly transcend any typical labelling” -Matej Isak, Mono and Stereo


Designed specifically to complement the Statement Speaker cable to fully unlock your speakers potential the Statement way.


Designed and built to match the performance of the Statement speaker cable we had to completely re-think the way we approached the RCA in terms of its micro-geometry, production process, isolation etc but the time and R&D spent on developing these cables has been worth it, having the same performance profile as the speaker cable. Or as one listener described their experience connecting the RCAs into a system with the Statement speaker cables:

“Just when I thought this is it, there’s no room for additional improvement, the RCAs were plugged in and…voila, another big step forward towards even more realistic reproduction.”


This cable was designed to be installed between your turntable and your phono Phono stage pre amplifier where the turntable uses RCA connectors instead of a 5 pin DIN connector. It is ONLY designed for this position in your system.


The Statement Din to Phono RCA cable links your turntable to the rest of Tellurium Q Statement cables giving you more and that one little word “more” describes it better than pages of superlatives.

We hope you enjoy your vinyl….more


In terms of interconnects, in a fully balanced system a good XLR audibly out performs a good RCA. We will just say that this is the best XLR that we have ever produced and you will hear why. All the superlatives applied to the Statement cables apply to these XLRs and some!


It was no easy task to develop a power cable with a similar sonic signature and performance as the other Statement cables because each cable has its own challenges to optimise performance but without doubt this has been accomplished.

They are very large cables and not the most flexible you will find but when they are in your system there is no doubt which range they were developed for.

Our Focus
Our Focus

Tellurium Q® have been asked many times why our cables perform differently to others. We are not going to pass on the exact details of what we are doing to achieve the performance that the reviews and multiple product of the year awards talk about, however time moves on and so it is time to talk a little more about the how.
When Tellurium Q® was set up the focus was primarily on the idea of phase distortion and minimising this problem inherent in all cabling, whoever makes them and wherever and however they are made. The reason it is a problem is simple, all materials (not just cables) in the path of a signal will act as an electronic filter according to the definition in the box below, whether you want it to or not. This is undeniable. It is obvious from research that there is an impact of the “naturalness” of vocals for instance.

We think about cables as a filter as outlined by its scientific definition and not necessarily as something being “filtered out”, like with a mechanical sieve. According to Bell labs way back in 1930 working on phase distortion and its impact on speech, they found that when comparing a system that had negligible phase distortion with one that had, “it is noticed that the distorted speech is accompanied by certain audible effects which appear to be extraneous to the speech and transient in character”
This is the definition of an electronic filter:
“A filter is an electrical network that alters the amplitude and/or phase characteristics of a signal with respect to frequency. Ideally, a filter will not add new frequencies to the input signal, nor will it change the component frequencies of that signal, but it will change the relative amplitudes of the various frequency components and/or their phase relationships.”

Source: National Semiconductor Corporation

N.B. This is true of all speakers, amplifiers, DACs, CD players, cables etc…in fact anything in the signal path.
Once you accept the fact that your audio system is acting as multiple electronic filters “smudging” your music, then you have a choice:

a. Forget the cable is an electronic filter (completely in the face of science) and compromise by having a smeared sound or

b. Do something about it and try to engineer as clear a path for the signal as possible to get the most natural sound that current technology will allow. Although it is not possible to get perfect signal reproduction with current technology (that we are aware of) to completely negate the effect of capacitance, induction etc on phase relationships in a signal.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just looking at a chart of materials and simply picking the one with the best conductivity. If that were the case then you would put some silver wire in place and the job would be done.

Some time ago we had some pure silver connectors manufactured and like all our developments tested them in a blind listening test. These we put against silver plated connectors using various base metal mixes and various thicknesses of plating. Surprisingly, in our listening tests the pure silver performed worse than a plated connector with a certain thickness and type of plating. It was sluggish and almost muffled by comparison.

The more you focus on the fact that you are working with an electronic filter, then the more your ideas about what a cable actual is opens up. The effects a filter has on transients, especially (Bell labs found) on vocals, which, as the various reviewers noted, can be heard. But there is a huge downside to this as every little detail of the constituents used and construction has to be tested in multiple configurations and of course that means multiple listening tests to ensure the finished product sounds as we would want it to.

The cable construction becomes more complex, using multiple stranded conductors of slightly differing materials and various dielectric materials and geometries. We have to pay attention to every part of each of our processes, even using Non hifi industry standard solder mixes i.e. there is no silver in the mix, for example. Raw ingredients for the construction are highly specified as are plating thicknesses, even down to the plating bath which requires a non-standard approach too.

Relative conductivities of various metals
assuming copper to be 100%

Let us give you an example of what we are talking about. These are two plated finishes (both silver plating).
You can clearly see that there is a difference between finishes in the connectors pictured. However that is not a great issue when you take into account the material underneath, cable construction and any other plated layers – we still end up with a cable assembly the wins multiple awards for its performance as the various reviews attest to. It is all a very carefully balanced set of ingredients that become more than the sum of their parts.

Although cables should not affect the sound in an ideal world, there are factors that have to be considered because audio systems are not perfect and customers have listening preferences too.

So now you have a better understanding of why our cables have won so many awards and we have grown so quickly. We have taken a different and radical approach by looking at the “problem” of cables because they are “secret electronic filters” and to ignore that is not a sensible approach in our opinion.


“When the Statement cables arrived we were all interested in just how good they were likely to be, so it was decided to press them into service without delay.

As it happens we had a relatively modest system set up in our upstairs dem room – Creek 100A amplifier, Creek 50A CD player connected to a pair of Spendor A4 speakers with Tellurium Q Black 2 speaker cables and Black interconnects – a good sounding music system.

For a start we replaced the interconnects with Balanced Statement cables and Statement speaker cables.

From the very first note it was clear this “modest system” was in a different league – all the usual superlatives simply would not do justice to what we heard on the day – in short we were staggered at the improvement in sound quality – and we are well used to listening to high end cables.

We then replaced the amplifier power cord with the Statement power cord and the system opened up even more presenting a truly remarkable sense of scale, depth, bass definition and unforced clarity not heard from this system before – in the words of a regular customer who dropped in and heard the Creek/ Spendor/ Tellurium Q Statement combination – “ Irrespective of price I am stunned at just how good this combination sounds – it’s the best sound I have ever heard in this room ”

So much for allocating 10% of the budget on cables!”

-Noel Cloney, Cloney Audio, Dublin

“I promised to give you my feedback on my experience with the Statement cables.

The first impression you get is that they are familiar in sound as the Silver Diamond But, you can hear from the start they are better before you start the burn in. After burning the cables in for 60 hours or more it was easier to hear the differences.

– The treble was more “open” in the way it had more air/space between the instruments and tones. You could not only hear the tone of the instrument fading out, you could hear it stopping as well even in complex musical surroundin- gs.The midrange had similar effects even if not to the same level as the tremble. In addition, the midrange felt more “open” than SD [Silver Diamond’s].

– The bass had better definition and had some of this better effect to start and stop a tone and attack with bass tones. The mid bass was far better than the SD, with better definition and openness.

– For me, the most of difference from SD and easier effect to hear was in the top, lower mid / upper bass and the bass definition itself. All in all a good step forward from SD in almost every aspect.

It will be fun to hear what you can do with the Statement power cables…

-Jan Olav Braaten, Norway

“I already knew how good the Silver Diamond RCA interconnects are… but last Saturday the Statement RCA put them into shame. It’s incredible the huge improvement changing just the SD with the Statements RCA interconnects!!!
Second change… we changed the cable that was feeding the power distributor. You know how good the Statement power cable is… but even knowing it you wouldn’t believe the change that this made to the sound. It was a new system!!!”

-Francisco Moya, Spain

“Beyond Perfection”

-Cover story of National Magazine Videophile

Videophile Cover

“I’ve been through MANY cables. I must say that there have been one or two times when I was amazed by what the cables did in my system. The last sp. cables that did that to me were $28K/2.5M. I feel that your Statement cables far exceeded ANY previous cables regarding my sonic impressions. I feel they are a bargain at the price you sell them for.”

-Bob Visintainer, USA


Statement RCA, Speaker Jumper Cables

“It is difficult to think about any type of product that has that big an impact on my review system ever let alone in the last year.”

– Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

“I’m speechless. These Statements are unbelieveable, unbelieveable!”
– Terry Ellis

So how good are the Statement cables anyway?
When this reviewer tried our cable ranges finishing with Statements their reaction says it all:


Speaker Cable/Links

“…. a bit like upgrading an amplifier or speaker….It is extremely meticulous, high-density texture, and has strong analytical power.”

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DIN to Phono RCA

“So far, nothing we’ve yet tried preserves the integrity of the signal [more] than the Statement Phono from Tellurium Q.”

Tone Audio Magazine,

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Statement Speaker Cable

“..a bit like upgrading an amplifier or speaker…..As for the classical bursting out, you must not try it! The whole sound field is very wide, very deep, deep and deep. The entire band is positioned very deep in front and back, and the positioning is very clear. ….
female voice?…. can only be described as very moved and very moved “

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Statement Speaker Cable

“Statement seems an appropriate name as they set a standard for others to follow”

– Hifi World, Awards edition

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Statement Power Cable

“We have had nothing but fantastic luck with every Tellurium Q Product we have used…
…. Tellurium Q stuff is the real deal, and their power cord has the same effect as their signal cable.”

– Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio

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Statement DIN to Phono RCA

“Detail was impressive. Cymbal taps offered body and a presence with a beginning middle and an end. I could hear effort and pressure, Bringing a sense of realism that was impressive”

– HiFi World

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Paul Rigby Golden Groovy

Statement Speaker Cable, XLR & RCA

“The Statements stand alone….The Statements rewrite the book for cables and, at this very moment, as I write this review, completely stand alone in the market. In sonic terms, the Statement cables are breathtaking”

-Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man

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Statement DIN to Phono RCA

“One of those OMG moments !….

Every now and again we try a new bit of kit to see if we can improve on our already capable top end system. Little by little we push the bar higher, but every now and then something very significant comes along.

KOG audio told us about a new Tellurium Q cable that goes from the DIN output socket on a record deck to a couple of RCA (Phono) plugs. Part of their Statement range, at an eye watering £3600, we thought we’d try one to see if it justified its price tag.

Plugging it into our smart new Technics SL1000R direct drive record deck (not to be confused by previous models of the SP10 / SL1000 – this is a whole new ball game), via a Lehmann Audio Decade pre-amp, into the 500 series Naim system with the gorgeous Focal Scala Utopia speakers.  It took about 5 seconds to realise it had transformed the whole system into something so special, I haven’t heard anything as good, anywhere, at any time, for any price !”

-HiFi Cinema

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Mono & Stereo

Statement Speaker Cable, XLR & RCA

“Tellurium Q Statement cables managed to forge extreme transparency with the unprecedented organic flow….
With any high-end audio cable, one can be too quickly trickled into the phenomena of an initial emotional impression impact. This is still sadly associated with too many high-end audio cables on the market. In reality, this tricky-exuberant effect starts to echo off almost as instantly as it was introduced in the first place. Tellurium Q Statements differs by far in this regard. There is no after effect, no aural morphing, no big waving of emotional impressions. Just a steadily verisimilitude!

Tellurium Q Statements deliver the authority, sonic VR alike holographic nature, captivating relief soundstage structure, pinpointed three-dimensionality and finely micro/macro dynamics.

All that in the absence of the sonic smear, subtle distortion and with the high definition amount of acoustical focus points!? Yes Tellurium Q Statements truly deliver an extreme resolution without introducing the clinical and analytical momentum too often associated even with the most exotic top tiers…
Their stand out, extraordinary performance are more than worthy of the 2019 Editor Choice Award!”

-Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

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Statement Speaker Cable, XLR & RCA

“Cables that make a difference … and how!”

“We are in front of a range of absolutely thrilling cables that, although not within reach of everybody, are far from the exorbitant prices that you can find in the High End audio universe, and show a sweeping sonic personality that puts them in place to revitalize absolute reference systems.”

“… the Statement Loudspeaker cable, dazzled us by the almost surgical presentation of the sound scene, with simply amazing depth.”

“Even more surprising are the line interconnect cables, that with particularly demanding recordings, impress by the degree of cleanliness” of voices and instruments.”
-Tu Alta Fidelidad

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TONE Publisher's Choice

Statement Range

“The results will amaze you”

-TONE Audio Awards Edition

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Speaker, RCA, XLR

“These set a new standard that out performs all other cables we’ve heard”

– Jon Myles, HiFi World

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Statement Power

“Finally I plugged in the mains cable to the Creek amplifier. I wasn’t expecting a huge difference but the change was rather stark. “Way Down In The Hole” became larger and more substantial in its presentation. “Bizarre Love Triangle” was more vibrant. I could hear little notes that had previously escaped me and was delighted at just how much more the music seemed to flow effortlessly through the system.

These set a new standard that out performs all other cables we’ve heard”

– Jon Myles, HiFi World

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Statement RCA, Speaker, XLR and Power

“I also love the dynamics that Statement delivers, even compared to similar beefy cables…..This is a telling piece and not an easy one to deliver in a domestic setting but with this cable it became realistic and totally compelling. At the other end of the scale, the quieter end, this cable is exceptionally good at pulling out the details that make a singer or instrument palpably real.

I could rave on about this extraordinary cable but realise that at this price you won’t believe me: the only way to find out is to listen for yourself. But beware; once you hear what Tellurium Q is capable of you won’t forget the experience in a hurry. You have been warned!”

-Jason Kennedy, HiFi Plus

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Statement Speaker Cable, & RCA

“…you will also appreciate its dynamics. It is a rich, internally high-quality sound that requires familiarity with live music and high quality systems. Silver Diamond is a great cable, but Statement is much better in every respect. Together, however, they give something more, which will appeal to any kind of music, They give fullness, energy and richness of emotions. “

-Wojciech Pacuta, HiFidelity.Pl

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Mono & Stereo

Statement Speaker Cable, XLR & RCA

“Tellurium Q Statements are no usual cable affair and if I’ve called the Silver Diamonds an Emotional Tour de Force what are then the Tellurium Q Statements!? Well, they certainly transcend any typical labeling and this time I’m elevating them on the throne, that they clearly deserve. Their stand out, extraordinary performance can only be recognized with the 2018 Editor Choice Award!”

-Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

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Statement Cables

“It was at this point I started to consider the magnitude of the achievement by Tellurium Q, they have developed a cable range that is the best I have heard so far, by far, actually very far.”

-Terry Ellis, HiFi Reviewer

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Statement Speaker Cable & RCA

“To sum up let me add that the Tellurium Q Statement cables are a class of their own, a worthy partner of top audio systems, especially those in which we want to saturate the sound without losing any of the other features of the highest quality sound. Their important advantage is universality; they fit almost any system in which they harmoniously combine analytics with musicality, the power of dynamics with the subtlety of subtle reverberations. I know that they cost a lot, but I also know that it is worth spending time on them. “

-HiFi HiEnd Test

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Tellurium Q Statement