Tellurium Q Statement II
Tellurium Q Statement II
Statement II Jumpers/Links
Statement II Links
HiFi Pig 5 Hearts
PPS Special Performer
*Awarded to Statement II Jumper/Links Cable
Best Analogue Cable
HiFi Plus Editors Choice
Tone Publisher's Choice Award
*Awarded to the original Statement Jumper/Links Cable
Statement II Jumper/Links

Designed specifically to complement the Statement Speaker cable to fully unlock your speakers potential the Statement way.

Banana connector
Spade connector
Note: All Tellurium Q Speaker cables can be Bi-wired by adding an extra cable during manufacture.
Reviews and user comments

“… it also means that my cables have been blocking the sound and distorting the stage, whether I knew it or not. When the Tellurium Q Statement II cable was inserted, the stage became much more open and it felt more like listening at the scene…. but what is clear is that I have now decided to ‘break up’ with existing cables, especially speaker cables. We recommend serious listening to enthusiasts.”

Some more snippets from the review:

“Another unexpected result is that the resolution has increased as if the source device has been changed. …

This time, by adding an additional Statement II XLR interconnect cable the particles become softer and the front and back layers of the instruments unfold three-dimensionally. Most changes related to the stage were captured, but vocal overtones and studio reverberations were observed more clearly. The expression “hearing a sound that you couldn’t hear” is used in situations like this….

When I revert back to my [own] speaker cable and XLR interconnect, the particles become relatively coarse and the stage becomes flat…

There is not a single corner that is glossed over. It is truly a world of 4K UHD HDR, with no color bleeding. It seems like the music source has been completely changed.

…when the Statement II speaker cable was inserted, the scale of the orchestra grew at once. The texture of the organ also becomes more vivid. In the highlight section around 1 minute and 12 seconds, all the notes of the orchestra rush in like a tidal wave. These are notes that have been pressed down very tightly. The organ in the background looks like a huge rock wall. The scale, majesty, authority, force, and the impression of the song itself have changed.”

Kim Pyeon Audio Columnist,

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“The Statement II links helped to bring an ever greater sense of ease and relaxation to the music… I know it’s not one thing, it’s many, likely small things that all add up to producing the greater whole, a set of HiFi cables that clearly outperform the exceptionally good originals in all key areas of producing technically better sound, what Geoff calls a more natural sound.”

Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

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“There is still that sense of naturalness to the sound as with the Statement 1s, but even more so in some way…can something be “more natural”, I don’t know and perhaps my choice of words is not correct. Perhaps a better way of describing the sound is from a sensory/reactionary aspect and what I would say is that the Statement 2s allow you to fall into the musical performance more easily and more rapidly than with the 1s. There’s a sound at 1 minute 37 seconds on I’m Always Touched By Presence that was much more apparent with the 2s than it was with the 1s.

The handful of words I would use to describe the Statement 2 cables from Tellurium Q is more detailed than the originals but without that detail being pushed down your throat, but with the same speed and sense of rightness..”

Stuart Smith, HiFi Pig

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“I can say without hesitation that this is one of the absolutely best sets of audio cables that I have had the opportunity to host.”

Marek Dyba, HiFi Knights

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“It is difficult to think about any type of product that has that big an impact on my review system ever let alone in the last year.”

Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

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“But beware; once you hear what Tellurium Q is capable of you won’t forget the experience in a hurry”

HiFi Plus Awards Edition

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“…. a bit like upgrading an amplifier or speaker….It is extremely meticulous, high-density texture, and has strong analytical power.”

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“The results will amaze you”

Tone Audio Awards Edition

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“It was at this point I started to consider the magnitude of the achievement by Tellurium Q, they have developed a cable range that is the best I have heard so far, by far, actually very far.”

Terry Ellis, HiFi Reviewer

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