Tellurium Q Statement II
Tellurium Q Statement II
Statement II USB
Statement II USB Cable
PPS Special Performer
Statement II USB Cable

The Statement II USB took six years of frustration to work at the level we were happy with and, in the end, it possibly surpassed our expectations… by a good margin.

The first ever review of this cable will indicate what you can look forward to in your system.

Reviews and user comments

“Had I known then what I know now, that this is Tellurium Q’s best ever cable achievement, I likely would have been biting his arm off to get my hands on one.
This was a very big difference and I will say it again I was not prepared for it… I installed the Statement II USB back in to see if the magic came back and it did and it was at that point I realised the enormity of the achievement.

…it’s been the biggest shock a cable has made in my system for some time and the fact it come from a USB is crazy. That is why I think this is Tellurium Q best cable to date”

Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

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