Tellurium Q Statement II
Tellurium Q Statement II
Statement II XLR Cables
Statement II XLR Cable
Stereonet Product of the Year 2024
HiFi Pig Pick of 2023
Mono&Stereo Best of 2023
HiFi Plus Awards Interconnect Winner 2023
HiFi Pig Editor's Choice
PPS Special Performer
Stereonet Applause Award
Mono & Stereo Editors Choice
*Awarded to Statement II XLR Cable
HiFi Plus Editors Choice
Paul Rigby - Golden Groovy
Tone Publisher's Choice Award
HiFi World 5 Globes
*Awarded to the original Statement XLR Cable
Statement II XLR Cable

In terms of interconnects, in a fully balanced system a good XLR audibly out performs a good RCA. We will just say that this is the best XLR that we have ever produced and you will hear why. All the superlatives applied to the Statement cables apply to these XLRs and some!

Reviews and user comments

“… it also means that my cables have been blocking the sound and distorting the stage, whether I knew it or not. When the Tellurium Q Statement II cable was inserted, the stage became much more open and it felt more like listening at the scene…. but what is clear is that I have now decided to ‘break up’ with existing cables, especially speaker cables. We recommend serious listening to enthusiasts.”

Some more snippets from the review:

“Another unexpected result is that the resolution has increased as if the source device has been changed. …

This time, by adding an additional Statement II XLR interconnect cable the particles become softer and the front and back layers of the instruments unfold three-dimensionally. Most changes related to the stage were captured, but vocal overtones and studio reverberations were observed more clearly. The expression “hearing a sound that you couldn’t hear” is used in situations like this….

When I revert back to my [own] speaker cable and XLR interconnect, the particles become relatively coarse and the stage becomes flat…

There is not a single corner that is glossed over. It is truly a world of 4K UHD HDR, with no color bleeding. It seems like the music source has been completely changed.

…when the Statement II speaker cable was inserted, the scale of the orchestra grew at once. The texture of the organ also becomes more vivid. In the highlight section around 1 minute and 12 seconds, all the notes of the orchestra rush in like a tidal wave. These are notes that have been pressed down very tightly. The organ in the background looks like a huge rock wall. The scale, majesty, authority, force, and the impression of the song itself have changed.”

Kim Pyeon Audio Columnist,

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“ Compared to other cables, including the original Statement, Statement II sounds more transparent and doesn’t impose any sonic character.”

HiFi+, 25th Anniversary Edition

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“It isn’t easy creating a globally successful cable brand from nothing, then building on that success over the years, but that’s what Tellurium Q’s Geoff Merrigan has done. Against all the odds, the company has taken on the market’s big names and prevailed. Its no-nonsense approach has surely helped – with precious little marketing hype and a focused attitude. The flagship Statement II XLR epitomises this – there’s little in the way of fancy packaging and no tall tales of magical ingredients. Yet the sound speaks for itself, being translucent and effortless with a wonderfully organic feel.”

Stereonet Product of the year

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“A clean and accurate sound that allowed you to hear into the depths of a mix with an apparent lowering of the noise floor.”

HiFi Pig Pick of 2023

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“In a matter of seconds, you’ll hear which of the current crop of singers is talented, and which ones have been subtly tweaked by a bit of judicious compression in the high frequencies. And that’s a real shock.

The absence of imposed tonality, timbre, and coloration in Statement II allows an unprecedented level of insight into the recording and production techniques used in the music.”

HiFi+ Awards edition

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“Although by no means a newcomer, Tellurium Q’s chief engineer Geoff Merrigan continues to work his magic trick of improving upon that which had previously seemed beyond criticism. The top of the range Statement series of cables has garnered a fistful awards both here in the UK and around the audio world. I was able to compare those original Statement interconnects in both RCA and XLR configurations with the next-generation mkII versions, and was taken aback at the overall improvement in sound quality that I witnessed. More of everything came through the loudspeakers: airier treble, punchier bass of course but above all more of what we are all pursuing in this hobby, pure musical pleasure.”

The Ear Best of 2023

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“Tellurium Q cables have found their way onto the market and into the homes of some of the world’s most discerning customers for several reasons. First and foremost, they take music to realms that were not possible at their price point.

The Statement II version has a subliminal potency that punctures deeper into the realms of music, unfolding new details and bringing everything down to an impressive level of quietness and transparency. Added to this is a newfound dynamic scope that allows the music to unfurl with greater dynamism from the quietest passages to the thundering crescendos. The Tellurium Q Statement MK2 delivers a level of micro- and macro-dynamics that far exceeds what I expected for this upgrade.

There’s currently no shortage of high-quality, high-performance audio cables, and Tellurium Q delivers one of the most enticing options in terms of performance and price with the new, updated MK2 versions of the Statement cable line.”

Matej Isak, Mono and Stereo

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“But this highlights the great difference about Tellurium Q Statement II; when you put it up against other cables – including its predecessor – the other cables sound like they are imposing their own characteristics on the sound.

Tellurium Q Statement was a revelation prising open the sound of your music in a way you might not have thought possible before. And if you liked what Statement did, Statement II does it better.

The revealing quality of the cable doesn’t come with a harsh edge. It shows what your system does, but it doesn’t push you to change that system.

If you have Statement, should you buy Statement II. Normally, this is time for some fence sitting, but here it’s an emphatic ‘yes’!”

Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus magazine

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“Tellurium Q team have taken a class-leading product and managed to improve upon it still further, which is no mean feat… this constant pursuit of excellence opens up a new world of sensory delight for music lovers fortunate enough to be able to afford such cables. So, if you are in the market for a seriously capable, high-end analogue interconnect, the Statement II is an essential audition…Although my system already produces a pleasing result, the improved connection between the YBA phono preamp and Gryphon preamp revealed a fluidity and grace that I hadn’t previously realised was missing.”

Jay Garrett, Stereonet

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“I tested the difference between the balanced analogue cables first and the first big difference I noticed was in the early moments of Liberty by Annette Askvig, there was silence between the passages of the music, but with the Statement I there was never any silence. So, for me, the Statement II gives a much blacker background or a greater noise rejection and lower noise floor. This goes hand in hand with the improved edge definition, clarity, improved spatiality or sound stage and three dimensionality.”

Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

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“Seems the reviewer was particularly impressed with the “restoration” of vocals and strings and mentions how real a cello sounded in the full review but here is just a snippet from the extensive review:

“Statement II is a wider soundstage It is undeniable that this balanced line [XLR] restores the human voice accurately and in a timely manner… Statement II seems to have unearthed a deeper message in the music… the sound is detailed and natural, the sense of power is real and the timbre is transparent”

HiFi Review Magazine

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“There is still that sense of naturalness to the sound as with the Statement 1s, but even more so in some way…can something be “more natural”, I don’t know and perhaps my choice of words is not correct. Perhaps a better way of describing the sound is from a sensory/reactionary aspect and what I would say is that the Statement 2s allow you to fall into the musical performance more easily and more rapidly than with the 1s. There’s a sound at 1 minute 37 seconds on I’m Always Touched By Presence that was much more apparent with the 2s than it was with the 1s.

The handful of words I would use to describe the Statement 2 cables from Tellurium Q is more detailed than the originals but without that detail being pushed down your throat, but with the same speed and sense of rightness..”

Stuart Smith, HiFi Pig

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“What Geoff Merrigan has achieved with this new version of Statement II is little short of remarkable. He took an already class-leading product and made it even better… The next generation of Statement was an audible step up from the mighty impressive original versions, and was most apparent with the XLR terminated versions…

If you have invested in the MkI version and are now feeling the urge to upgrade my advice would be to do it if you have the financial means…. only audition Statement IIs if you can afford them. You have been warned!”

Chris Kelly, The Ear

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“I can say without hesitation that this is one of the absolutely best sets of audio cables that I have had the opportunity to host.”

Marek Dyba, HiFi Knights

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“There is much more harmonic or musical detail… much more harmonic richness, harmonic musical detail coming through the system with the Tellurium Q Statement cables [compared to Silver Diamond XLR]….which makes the system sound more relaxed and more organic…..but there is actually more clarity than the Silver Diamond [XLR] because there is more musical information.”

Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

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“I believe it’s Tellurium Q’s masterpiece, adding more music taste, like to listen to Jazz, choose Statement XLR, can’t go wrong!”

Steven Tam, HiFi Review Hong Kong

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“But beware; once you hear what Tellurium Q is capable of you won’t forget the experience in a hurry”

Hi Fi Plus Awards edition

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“The Statements stand alone….The Statements rewrite the book for cables and, at this very moment, as I write this review, completely stand alone in the market. In sonic terms, the Statement cables are breathtaking”

Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man

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“Tellurium Q Statement cables managed to forge extreme transparency with the unprecedented organic flow….
With any high-end audio cable, one can be too quickly trickled into the phenomena of an initial emotional impression impact. This is still sadly associated with too many high-end audio cables on the market. In reality, this tricky-exuberant effect starts to echo off almost as instantly as it was introduced in the first place. Tellurium Q Statements differs by far in this regard. There is no after effect, no aural morphing, no big waving of emotional impressions. Just a steadily verisimilitude!

Tellurium Q Statements deliver the authority, sonic VR alike holographic nature, captivating relief soundstage structure, pinpointed three-dimensionality and finely micro/macro dynamics.

All that in the absence of the sonic smear, subtle distortion and with the high definition amount of acoustical focus points!? Yes Tellurium Q Statements truly deliver an extreme resolution without introducing the clinical and analytical momentum too often associated even with the most exotic top tiers…

Their stand out, extraordinary performance are more than worthy of the 2019 Editor Choice Award!”

Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

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“Cables that make a difference … and how!”

“We are in front of a range of absolutely thrilling cables that, although not within reach of everybody, are far from the exorbitant prices that you can find in the High End audio universe, and show a sweeping sonic personality that puts them in place to revitalize absolute reference systems.”

“… the Statement Loudspeaker cable, dazzled us by the almost surgical presentation of the sound scene, with simply amazing depth.”

“Even more surprising are the line interconnect cables, that with particularly demanding recordings, impress by the degree of cleanliness” of voices and instruments.”

Tu Alta Fidelidad

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“The results will amaze you”

TONE Audio Awards Edition

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“These set a new standard that out performs all other cables we’ve heard”

Jon Myles, HiFi World

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“I also love the dynamics that Statement delivers, even compared to similar beefy cables…..This is a telling piece and not an easy one to deliver in a domestic setting but with this cable it became realistic and totally compelling. At the other end of the scale, the quieter end, this cable is exceptionally good at pulling out the details that make a singer or instrument palpably real.

I could rave on about this extraordinary cable but realise that at this price you won’t believe me: the only way to find out is to listen for yourself. But beware; once you hear what Tellurium Q is capable of you won’t forget the experience in a hurry. You have been warned!”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi Plus

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“Tellurium Q Statements are no usual cable affair and if I’ve called the Silver Diamonds an Emotional Tour de Force what are then the Tellurium Q Statements!? Well, they certainly transcend any typical labeling and this time I’m elevating them on the throne, that they clearly deserve. Their stand out, extraordinary performance can only be recognized with the 2018 Editor Choice Award!”

Matej Isak, Mono & Stereo

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